Doug Alexander Gregory studied illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design, but is largely self-taught in drawing and painting. His interest in story is what drives him, as well as his passion for and extensive knowledge of artists and art history.

Doug has been a professional illustrator, concept artist, and comic artist for over twenty-two years, working for several major publishing and entertainment companies. His client list includes Microsoft, Sony, Sci-Fi Chanel, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Lucas Film, Wizards of the Coast, and Hasbro.

He is best known for his 80+ Magic the Gathering card illustrations, of which one of his recent Planeswalkers was nominated for a Chesley Award in 2013, and accepted into Spectrum's 2014 exhibition at the Museum of American Illustration: Society of Illustrators NY.

In 2006 he was selected to create model sheets and character designs for the Amazing Screw-On Head, an animated short based on the award-winning comic book by Mike Mignola. He then went on to work as a character designer for Red5 Studios and NCSoft.

Since 2010, Doug has worked at Blizzard Entertainment, providing art direction or overseeing overall production for several of the company’s critically acclaimed ancillary products, including Diablo III: Book of Tyrael and Blizzard’s children’s book, Snow Fight. He has since become a director in the Cinematics department, and served as director on the Lords of War animated series, the six-part Burdens of Shahao series for World of Warcraft, the Overwatch cinematic introducing the character of Sombra, and two Warbringers cinematics for the latest World of Warcraft expansion, among others.


For MtG related events, inquiries about purchasing originals, prints, or cards, or to schedule teaching or speaking engagements, please contact Doug at: